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Webinar: Blockchain impact on solar energy

Wednesday 14 December

Some experts say that the Blockchain could be as disruptive as the internet itself upon its introduction, and that we can’t yet oversee what the impact and opportunities will be. What is a ‘Blockchain’? How does it work? And how does this relate and impact the solar industry? These questions were discussed during our dedicated, free webinar on the 14th of December. 
The Blockchain is about ‘trust’, ’public ledgers’, ‘cutting out middlemen’, ‘bitcoins’, ‘a distributed network supporting distributed renewable energy’, ‘peer to peer energy sales’ and more. Our webinar provided the opportunity to learn from leading players and stakeholders involved in the first Blockchain solar projects. They shared their personal experiences, opinions on the latest developments and their visions for the future.

Access the full recordings and slides below.




MODERATOR /// Edwin Koot - CEO, Solarplaza


SPEAKER /// Axel von Perfall - Senior Manager, PwC


SPEAKER /// Abraham Cambridge - CEO, The SunExchange


SPEAKER /// Scott Kessler - Operations, LO3 Energy

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