10 Years of Solarplaza Summit Asset Management Europe

To celebrate 10 years of Solarplaza Summit Asset Management Europe, not only have we prepared an insightful program full of expert speakers, but we also have many surprises in store for you.

You can already book a consultation at our exclusive and unprecedented Consultancy Corner after your ticket purchase. But that's only the beginning...

In addition to this, we made it a point of honor to extend your networking opportunities. This is why the networking drinks and dinner have been extended and filled with surprises:

  • A special speech from Solarplaza's Founder, Edwin Koot
  • A look back over the years
  • A sustainably sourced (and EU manufactured) token of our appreciation
  • Fun solar-themed cocktails

Having spent the last 10 years together, we are very excited to claim our shared heritage and our future as the leading asset management event in Europe. After all this time working and learning together, we have experienced the changes in the industry and have adapted this event to it.