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Top 10 World's Most Efficient Solar PV Modules (Poly-Crystalline)


The table below shows the Top 10 of the current commercially available poly-crystalline silicon solar PV modules with the highest module efficiency.
This information has been collated from public sources such as product datasheets online.



  Manufacturer Module Efficiency Module Type
1. Solland Solar 16.00% Sunweb
2. Siliken 15.70% SLK72P6L-305
3. LDK Solar 15.67% LDK-200P-24(s)
4. Vikram 15.63% Eldora 280 (300)
5. Wiosun 15.54% E300P
6. A2peak 15.50% P3-235-60 (250)
7. CNPV solar 15.40% CNPV-300P
8. Latitude Solar 15.30% Latitude P6-60/6 (250)
9. JA Solar 15.29% JAP6-60-250
10. China Sunergy 15.24% CSUN295-72P




*This table was first published on December 12, 2011.

Please scroll down or click here for the Top 25 pc-Si PV Module Efficiency list. Companies that feel they should be included in these lists are invited to contact us and provide the public information source.




1. Solland Solar Siliken


Module Efficiency: 16.00%
Module Type: Sunweb
Cell Efficiency: /

Cell Type: 60 cells polycrystalline Si, Sunweb


Data Sheet




2. Siliken Siliken


Module Efficiency: 15.70%
Module Type: SLK72P6L-305
Cell Efficiency: /

Cell Type: 72 polycrystalline 156x156mm


Data Sheet



3. LDK Solar LDK Solar


Module Efficiency: 15.67%

Module Type: LDK-200P-24(s)

Cell Efficiency: 18.33%

Cell Type: 72 (6x12) polycrystalline silicon solar cells 125x125 mm


Data Sheet



4. Vikram Vikram


Module Efficiency: 15.63%
Module Type: Eldora 280 (300)
Cell Efficiency: /

Cell Type: 72 pcs poly-crystalline solar cells (156x156mm), 2BB & 3BB


Data Sheet


5. Wiosun Wiosun


Module Efficiency: 15.54%

Module Type: E300P

Cell Efficiency: 17.12%

Cell Type: 72 x 156x156mm polycrystalline


Data Sheet


6. A2peak    A2peak


Module Efficiency: 15.50%

Module Type: P3-235-60 (250)

Cell Efficiency:/

Cell Type: 60 polycrystalline 3 bus bar solar cells, 156x156mm


Data Sheet



7. CNPV Solarr CNPV Solar


Module Efficiency: 15.40%

Module Type: CNPV-300P

Cell Efficiency: 17.10%

Cell Type: 72 cells (156x156 mm) in a 6x12 matrix connected in series


Data Sheet



8. Latitude Solar Latitude Solar


Module Efficiency: 15.30%

Module Type: Latitude P6-60/6 (250)

Cell Efficiency: /

Cell Type: Polycrystalline, 60 pcs, 156 x 156 mm


Data Sheet



9. JA Solar JA Solar


Module Efficiency: 15.29%

Module Type: JAP6-60-250

Cell Efficiency: /

Cell Type: 60 polycrystalline 156x156mm


Data Sheet



10. China Sunergy CSUN


Module Efficiency: 15.24%

Module Type: CSUN295-72P

Cell Efficiency: /

Cell Type: /


Data Sheet








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