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How to improve accuracy of solar yield calculations at lower costs

An assessment of solar data sources and a new corrected satellite data service: the Smart Irradiation Service.


An analysis of various sources of irradiation data and their impact on the accuracy of solar yield estimations and performance evaluations.
Publisher: 3E

Published: April 24, 2013
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Reliable yield calculations are essential tools for assessing a site’s potential to secure financing, and for evaluating an installation’s performance to target and improve O&M. Good irradiation data is a crucial part of the calculation, yet the accuracy of most typical sources of data is not optimal.

3E’s research lab analysed the accuracy, costs, and impact on PV yield calculations of several common sources of irradiation data, including its own newly developed Smart Irradiation Service.

Results reveal new ways of balancing costs and accuracy for improved system evaluations.