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SolarMax 2000S/3000S/4200S/6000S


Product Overview

S stands for smart and sturdy. We are convinced you will be impressed with the performance. Efficient and innovative. A casing can be regarded as universally applicable if it is capable of withstanding adverse weather influences. For this reason it is manufactured from high-quality aluminium. ...expand
Type: Inverter
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Date on the market: March 27, 2009, midnight


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SolarMax 2000S/3000S/4200S/6000S
SolarMax 2000S/3000S/4200S/6000S
Quick and easy to install. Thanks to a mounting rail, installation of the SolarMax S string inverter is very simple. The low weight facilitates quick installation. All connections are pluggable from outside. The newly required DC circuit breaker is already integrated. The wide input voltage range of the devices offers greater scope for interconnection of solar modules. Attractive and easy to use. SolarMax S string inverters offer an attractive design that makes them look better as well as being easier to operate. The device features a particularly clear graphics display. Three buttons are enough to operate the nit. It‘s as simple as that. The SolarMax S string inverters feature RS485 and Ethernet interfaces as standard, in order to ensure that a wide range of data communication options can be implemented in practice. We have more than 15 years of experience in the development and production of SolarMax inverters. You stand to gain from this experience and can protect the environment and your investment at the same time.