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WINAICO launches patented micro-crack preventing HeatCap technology at PV Taiwan

24 Oct 14 - 09:31 CEST
WINAICO launches patented micro-crack preventing HeatCap technology at PV Taiwan

Taipei, Taiwan, 24.10.2014 – WINAICO, Taiwan’s largest PV module manufacturer, launches patented HeatCap technology at PV Taiwan 2014. HeatCap improves the reliability of silicon based solar cells, and protect them from micro-cracks induced by external stresses, such as handling errors and wind stresses. WINAICO’s high efficiency module with HeatCap ...

40MW PV mounting system manufactured by Clenergy for a project in Pakistan

23 Oct 14 - 03:22 CEST

Clenergy recently finished a 40MW PV mounting order for a flagship 100MW project at the Quaid-e-Azam Solar Energy Park in Bahawalpur, Pakistan.


22 Oct 14 - 14:43 CEST

Joint Venture called Urbeco, involving three European companies, namely the Italian MegaCell Engineering Srl, the Belgian Groupmec BVBA and the Swiss Ovóla AG, has been established. The project, concerning Smart Urbanization, foresees an integrated system of energy, housing and automation technology featuring cost, environmental and energy efficiency for ...

8.2 Supports Renewable Energy Projects On Four Continents

22 Oct 14 - 13:21 CEST

The internationalization strategy of 8.2 Ingenieurpartnerschaft Obst & Ziehmann (8.2) was launched in 2012 and now shows growing success.

Research Project PV-Regel: Concepts and Solutions for the Provision of Balancing Power With Photovoltaics

21 Oct 14 - 14:09 CEST

SMA Solar Technology AG (SMA), the Institute for High Voltage Technology and Electrical Energy Systems (elenia) of Technische Universität Braunschweig and GEWI AG are conducting a joint research project to investigate how photovoltaic systems can provide balancing power for the stability of power grids in the future.

RBI Solar Acquired ProtekPark Solar

20 Oct 14 - 17:39 CEST

RBI Solar, Inc. announced that it has completed the acquisition of ProtekPark Solar, a leading manufacturer and installer of solar carport structures. Acquirement includes brand, technology, intellectual property, manufacturing, and existing employees.