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Daily Solar Energy (PV) News

REC to enter African solar market amid 100 GW predictions.

26 Jun 15 - 12:33 CEST

PVM - REC will enter solar markets in East and South Africa this year on the back of its expectations that 100 GW of solar PV will be installed there by 2030. As an initial step, three offices will be opened, most likely in Ghana, Kenya and South Africa.

Punjab harnessing solar power in fields, targets 1,000 MW in two years

26 Jun 15 - 12:31 CEST

BS - Punjab, which produces a major share of the country's foodgrain, is all set to tap solar power in the agricultural fields in a big way, aiming to generate 1,000 MW, up from the current 225 MW, by 2017, a minister has said.

U.S. government to support 20 MW PV facility in Jamaica

26 Jun 15 - 12:30 CEST

TWT - The U.S. government’s development finance institution has signed an agreement with a solar energy company to support a 20-megawatt photovoltaic facility in Jamaica.

Japan to implement solar module recycling and recovery measures

26 Jun 15 - 12:27 CEST

PVT - Recognising that the vast growth in solar deployment under the feed-in tariff (FiT) could lead to an accumulation of PV waste in landfills, Japan will soon begin implementing recycling rules for solar modules.

First Solar commences first India operation in Telangana

26 Jun 15 - 12:26 CEST

LM - Hyderabad: First Solar, a US-based photovoltaic cell maker, on Thursday said it has started commercial operation of its first Indian project in Telangana.

579 MW PV Power Plant, Now Operational

25 Jun 15 - 14:45 CEST

GTM - BHE Renewables' 579-megawatt solar project in Antelope Valley, Calif is now fully connected to the California ISO grid. That allows the facility, dubbed "Solar Star," to claim the title of the largest operational solar project on the planet. It went fully on-line on June 19, according to the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) website.