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Renewable Energy Crowdfunding Map

Renewable Energy Crowdfunding Map

Democratization of energy and finance now go hand in hand, thanks to crowdfunding. Platforms all over the world are enabling people to contribute towards the environment themselves, while making returns that beat any saving account. For renewable energy project developers this also opens a world of opportunities, tapping into the wealth of retail investors.

Saudi Arabia offers one of world’s lowest solar energy costs

06 Aug 14 - 11:32 CEST
Saudi Arabia offers one of world’s lowest solar energy costs

Solar power costs have fallen dramatically over the last five years, thanks to lower module prices, lower balance of system costs, and increased competition at the development and EPC level. Financing costs have also decreased as investors recognize the ...

"I love my Mac. I just wish it came in green"

05 Aug 14 - 11:24 CEST
"I love my Mac. I just wish it came in green"

Last April Apple released a beautiful promo-video titled "better". Though many cynics will still discount the computer giant's efforts as window(s) dressing, Apple has actually gotten a lot 'better' in its environmental and sustainability policies since it ...

TOP 5 Renewable Energy Crowdfunding Platforms

15 Jul 14 - 09:43 CEST
TOP 5 Renewable Energy Crowdfunding Platforms

Over the years we’ve seen and experienced many challenges and barriers in the constantly evolving renewable energy industry. There are regulatory hurdles, technical challenges, and consumer acceptance, to name a few. But one of the biggest impediments to ...


Energy Absolute to Invest $1.4 Billion in Solar, Wind Projects

Energy Absolute Pcl (EA), whose Bangkok-listed shares have more than tripled this year, plans to spend about 46 billion baht ...

DuPont sues SunEdison over solar material patent

Chemical giant DuPont on Thursday sued SunEdison for patent infringement, accusing the O’Fallon, Mo.,- based solar array developer of contracting ...

Rwanda Set To Commission Its First Utility-Scale Solar Power Project

A solar power project set to be commissioned soon in Rwanda will make a significant contribution to the country’s power ...

SunEdison Getting $160 Million for Distributed Solar Projects

SunEdison Inc. (SUNE), the best-performing solar company this year, is getting $160 million from Citigroup Inc. (C) and Barclays Plc ...

inko Power signs 100 MW solar agreement with southeastern Chinese province

A subsidiary of Chinese solar giants JinkoSolar has signed an agreement this week to develop 100 MW of solar PV ...

1.5 million SolarWorld modules affected by ‘recall’

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has announced the recall of 1.5 million SolarWorld modules in the US and ...

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